Monday, November 8, 2010

A little about me...

Three years ago yesterday I started dating the man who would become my husband, my best friend, and my Hero. We first met in wood shop. I really didn't notice him to be honest. lol I mainly took that class because it had mostly guys in it lol i was 16. My friend was in the class with me and I did end up meeting a lot of really nice guys and some jerks too-like my ex- but that's a story for a different day. While in that class I don't think I ever made one thing. Unlike my friend who let me put my name on everything she made which would have been the only way I passed that class BUT I did help and when I couldn't or didn't know how to do anything I would ask some random guy to please help lol. Which is how josh comes into the picture :) he was always there to help me if I needed anything. Which if you know me i am always asking for help lol Well we really started hanging out in FFA. He would study Meat and I would study Horse Judging-which I never got to do...thanks Mr.Wilson. During a FFA Halloween party josh made his move lol We where watching a movie and he put his arm around me and I put my head on his chest and we basically cuddled the whole movie right in front of the whole FFA lol The next day I got alot of crap for that but I didn't care. It took josh a whole week before he asked me out. I thought why not and well here we are three years later.

We don't have any kids...yet. We would like some but we talked about it and we decided right now is not a good time. We do have Furbabies...5 to be exact 2 dogs 2 cats and 1 horsey :) Collie is our Shelter dog. She is a Mix but she is a sweet heart.She is around a year and a half old. She is very smart. Whiskey is our Purebred Husky....she is the biggest pain in the ass but i still love her lol Cowboy is our kitty. He was our first pet we got together. He is a big boy but he is soo cuddly. He is the big man of the house. Even the dogs don't mess with him. Then there is Baby she is the youngest. She is a pretty calico. She isn't fixed yet so she is a pain in the ass. Then our newest Baby is Lil Miss Hollywood. She is a AQHA. She is a buckskin. She is three years old. She is going to be a Cow cutting horse and hopefully she will be good enough to compete. We also had one baby that we had to put down. Her name was Cheyenne. She was our first dog. She had a accident and had to be put down. We miss her soo much and we hope she comes back to us one day.

I have been a army wife for almost two years now. We where at Fort Bragg,NC  We lived on post and we where happy. Then everyone else decided  to get in our business. Which made living there a living hell. They are still in my business....sad really. I guess my life is soo much more interesting then theirs. But I did meet one wife and we got along great but then she moved away.  Then I met another wife who we got along Great! But she didn't agree with me going home during my husband deployment but it was to late to change my plans. So we got into a fight and she is still all angry over it.So we are not Friends. Ive learned a lot about the army I still don't know everything but I got around 18 years so no hurry. My Husband is a lifer. 

Well that's me...not much else. Not to bad for my first blog :)

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