Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter is here

 Yesterday i woke up to it Snowing outside! Now I LOVE snow but I HATE driving in it. Our truck is not 4 wheel drive and our tires are shit. Thankfully in Dec  I will be able to get some snow tires and they are putting Hay in the back of the truck so hopefully I should be good to go lol By the looks of it all the snow will be gone by tonight but there might be more coming lol
Aside from the lovely snow i should be starting school soon :) I did the placement test on Friday. So according the the test im a math retard lol. I saw letters and I was like uhh what lol So most of my answers where guesses. Im really excited about starting school again. I know a couple other people that go there but they are in more advanced classes. The whole 2-3 years being outta high school really made me forget things lol I'm just excited because school will give me a chance to better my self and get a better job so my hubby isn't the main provider, I mean Ive had little jobs here and there but nothing that I could really make a living off of. I'm going to school for early childhood education, i want to be a kindergarten or Pre-School teacher. we'll see how it all turns out :)
I got most of my hubbys Christmas stuff sent out no thanks to anyone. I loved how everyone thought it was a fun and good idea but when I asked for help I got a big ol Fuck You. Then after I tell them I already sent it out then they said they where going to help. So I told them there is stuff I still need to get done and are they helping...hell NO! They just brush it off or pretend to not listen to me. There is only three things i need to do...make chex mix-joshs fav :)-make some sugar cookies and make some pies in a jar...only person who has even offered to help me is my friend and she is just doing it to help give the guys a real Christmas because they deserve one after all. They spend  a whole year away from their families and give up all the little things and I want to try to give them something back. I sent a bunch of stuff not only for my hubby but for all the other guys there except the one guy i really hate...sorry but he gets NOTHING....but that's a whole different story. So hopefully josh will be getting all his stuff soon :)
I know I don't update this blog alot and its not one about the military...its just a blog on my life and how i feel and what I do. I do it to keep busy and keep my family updated on everything and my hubby checks it out. Maybe even vent alittle :) it gives people more insited to who I am and how I feel about things. So I hope you enjoy my little Blog 

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