Sunday, January 23, 2011

School, work, STRESS!

This is going to be a short Blog

I started school this month and boy I'm glad I did. I'm actually having fun and I enjoy getting out of the house. I also was reminded about how much I actually forgot over the years lol Math is a real killer for me but im slowly picking it up again. thank god lol Sadly im in a low math grade and everything they are teaching i learned when i was a freshman. Im sure i'll be ok Ive kept up with all my math homework so far...yay for me since in high school i never did it yet i still had passing grades...funny. English is harder though...he needs everything typed well...i dont have a printer or Word to type on. That makes things hard. Thank fully my dad bought me a new cord for joshs laptop so i can at least get this stuff typed up then print it at school or grandmas house.

Along with school I started my Pure Romance adventure and i have to say I like it. Its actually a fun job. I like the people I work with, They are a fun bunch of girls. My sponsor has been sooo helpful and you know me i need all the help i can get lol  Ive done two partys and only had one sale :( but i have booked partys thought those partys so that better then nothing :) I really do like this job its fun and i have learned alot. Some of which i would have known before Josh left lol.

And lastly Stress...ive had so much lately within this last week and Im just tired of it. Not to mention i havent heard from josh during all this. My stress level is so high im actually making my self sick. So after this quarter im pretty sure me and the baby's all of them even Hollywood will be Washington bound

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