Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Holidays are Over!

Well all the holidays are over. Thank god lol. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off lol. I had to send Josh christmas. Now that wasnt easy and it was a lot of hard work. I had like NO help either...thanks for that....oh wait my mom did help me which is funny since she is in Washington while Im in Idaho. The family in Idaho although did NOT help and only offered after they found out I already did it all. How funny Right? ha ha NO not funny. Then they call me Lazy HA! Thats funny right? I basicly did everything I could to give my Husband Christmas while they watched. Then they wonder why he never calls or never wants to talk to them. Heck even sometimes when he does call they dont answer even if he leaves a message.Ugh I swear family can just stress me out. My husband trys to play the middle man that poor guy. Makes me miss him even more.

For Christmas I sent my Husband about 10 packages Medium and Large lol Thats not counting the tree. Which I am still waiting for pictures. ;) I sent him alot of stuff and some of it was wrapped just so he would have something to open on Christmas day. I sent him a BSU santa hat which he LOVED lol I also sent him one of those singing hat just for laughs. Im not sure if he got it. I will have to ask him next time he calls lol. He the tree all up and decorated just in time for them to move him like a week before Christmas....yep he had to take it all down. Thankfully a friend offered to watch it for him till he came back. Dont ya love the army? I sent a butt load of cookies and he ate them all lol and since i couldnt decorate them I put a jar of frosting in with some cookie stuff lol I bet he just ate them plain lol :)

 I also did this new thing call a Pie in a Jar. I made a bunch of apple pies and sent them to him. The all sealed perfectly :). I made a bunch and it took alot of time but he is worth it. They all are...execpt that one guy. He didnt get anything because he is a jackass and his wife is stupid but thats a whole different story lol. According to Josh all the pies turned out yummy and they all want to know how I did it lol
Here are just a few. They all want more pies lol. This was also the first time I made Apple pie. They all loved them:) Maybe I will make some more later on and send them more.

As a Suprise one day I actually got a package from Josh. It totally made my day. It was call the 12 days of Love from Afganistan...or something like that lol. I opened it up and it had a card with a note from him. Totally loved it. My fav christmas card by far.

I opened them early since i couldnt pack all the boxes. It had some Mary Kay stuff and some other little things here and there it was nice. Made me miss him. I got him a Sports thing but then I found out I got the wrong guy :( he said it didnt matter but still I feel bad. I'll make it up with his Birthday Gift :) and I know he will LOVE that lol.

I never got a call on Christmas Day. He said it was busy. It also brought up something. You see he hasnt been calling alot lately which was werid. So when he finally call I asked him...why? And the normal excuses of Im busy or internets/phones arent working wouldnt work since his own buddies were online. So he finally said he was scared. I asked him what he was scared of.  Well I guess alot of his friends are getting divorced and he was scared it was going to happen to us too. I explained to him the difference between our relationship and theirs. We know our relationship isnt perfect. We have alot of issues we try to work on, we never ever claim our relationship is perfect. We've been on a marrige retreat and it helped us alot. We where so happy on that trip and we learned alot. We learned that some of the stuff we where doing was actually hurting our relationship. Our marriage retreat was also at the lovely beach...I LOVE the beach lol

 Those where some of the happiest days of my life :) When we where at the beach we just hung out in the pool and in the water.When we wherent in classes. Me being so short he would like hold me while we where in the pool and he had to hold me while in the ocean because the waves where so stong lol It just made me feel like he would never let go no matter what. Hopefully after Joshs gets back we can go to the beach again :)

New Years was pretty boring. I didnt have any plans and I really dont like drinking. So i just hung out playing on Facebook. Then all of a sudden my phone started ringing...IT WAS JOSH! I was so happy. It was a totaly surprise. He never calls me at night. I got to talk to him for over a Hour :) I talked to him till the ball dropped and then some. I was so may not have been a new years kiss at midnight but at least I was one of the lucky few who got to talk to her hubby that night. Thats all I can really ask for. Whenever I talk to him I feel like a teenager in love. I just cant wait till his Homecoming <3 I love that man more then anything in this world.

Next Holiday is my 21st Birthday. Im getting my nails done and hanging out with Bre not much planned. I know Josh said I could go out and have fun but I think I will wait till he gets home that way we can celebrate together :)

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